Profa. Dra. Patricia Endo tem artigo aprovado em periódico B1

A Profa. Dra. Patricia Endo teve o artigo entitulado “An Internet of Things Security System Based on Grouping of Smart Cards Managed by Field Programmable Gate Array” aceito para publicação no periódico Computers and Electrical Engineering, Elsevier, Qualis B1.

O artigo é fruto da dissertação de mestrado do aluno Gibson Barbosa (UFPE), o qual a professora é co-orientadora.

Autores: Gibson Barbosa (UFPE), Patricia Endo (UPE), Djamel Sadok (UFPE)
The increasing attacks against the Internet of Things (IoT) systems are a determining factor to focus attention on IoT security. The use of Smart Cards (SCs) to protect these systems is pertinent, as they are resistant to physical attacks, portable, and have a relatively low cost. Nonetheless, SC processing and its memory capacity are not sufficient to meet IoT demands. Therefore, the use of multiple clustered SCs seems a promising solution. We present a solution based on the use of the Field Programmable Gate Array hardware capable of managing multiple SCs, chosen for its ability to parallelize tasks. In this work, a Smart Card Cluster (SCC) is applied to ensure message authenticity and integrity through hardware signing. For instance, with only three SCs, a SCC supports signing about 26 messages per minute. In this paper, we describe the design of a SCC that is modular, portable, flexible and cost-effective. Through experiments, we demonstrate that our SCC outperforms existing solutions by as much as 69%, while the cost remains relatively low.

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